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Eerie Encounters

UFO Hunt    

       Growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, I developed a strong interest in the numerous UFO reports and the story of Betty and Barney Hill’s abduction experience during that period. Determined to find a way to get to know Betty, I invited her to be a guest on my TV series on Channel 68 in Boston. Soon after, we became friends and she invited me to accompany her on a UFO hunt in East Kingston, NH, where she claimed that UFO’s appeared regularly.

       During the five trips I made out there, I witnessed some amazing displays that I can’t explain to this day. On some nights we would watch lights appear over the horizon, fly to some central point, and meet. Other times we’d see ‘headlights’ of various hues sitting way down the tracks.

       On one occasion, a state psychologist friend of mine, who was also an amateur photographer, accompanied me. We started out with the usual lights in the sky, but then, about 50 yards down the tracks, a huge pyramid of ‘smoky plexiglass’ lights turning on and off in different sequences appeared; it was the mother ship transmitting messages to the satellite ships we saw earlier. It remained on the tracks for well over an hour as we circled round the block.

       On one of my last visits, I decided to walk down the tracks to the next crossing. First I saw small strobe lights among the trees; then they shut off. Later I saw a large backlit red disk go rolling across the tracks, up a tree, and into the sky. As I returned to where Betty was parked, she suddenly pointed and yelled, “Look at that!” I turned and saw a string of huge backlit lights rise about the tall pines, strobe for 30 seconds, and then disappear. I remained a friend of Betty’s until her death in 2004.

Tom “Wolf” Elliott, 70
Waltham, MA

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