Cambridge BrickHouse Books (CBH Books) will be releasing a new series of books titled 100 Plus TRUE STORIES.

The 100 Plus TRUE STORIES series will be published starting in 2009.

Each book in the series will include the experiences of various people told in their own words, and from their personal points of view about certain topics.

The collection of experiences in each book will show a great diversity of what people have seen in their lives. This series will allow us to see a little bit of ourselves and learn about others.



Perhaps you have never seen your name published in a book, or perhaps you have, but never like this. Surely there are things that you never knew how, when, or with whom to share them.

Sometimes simply listening to others who have gone through the same things we have can help us more than turning to science, religious or spiritual texts, motivational books, or professional advice. Knowing that we are not the only ones that have had a pleasant or terrible experience with something, that our situation is more common than we thought, that our fears are similar to those of others, that our needs and desires are not unlike those of people who live in distant countries, or who belong to different cultures. Knowing that there are other people out there like us helps us overcome the feeling of isolation, loneliness, guilt, or the feeling that no one understands us.

Understanding and accepting others, and seeing a little of ourselves in them is the best way to understand and accept ourselves for who we are.





You can now share your experiences with others, but this time they will be remembered in a book that everyone can read and learn from. While telling your story, be as honest and simple as possible, which is the best way to communicate the person you are and what you feel.

Tell us what your wedding or divorce was like, how your move to a new place went, your good or bad memories from times past, how you became successful or how you plan on doing it, the miracles that have happened in your life, your longest-kept secret, who you want to ask to forgive you and how, who you want to thank and why, and how you declared your love to someone.

Just choose the book that you would like to tell your story in and write it in your own words. We want your words and your point of view.

Click on the topic that interests you and find out more about each book. You can submit a story for as many books as you would like. This is your chance to tell your story just the way you lived it.

Once published, you can share this book with your family and friends, and give it to your children or grandchildren. Take advantage of this opportunity to put it in writing.




Click on the topic that interests you most.




© CBH. 100 Plus True Stories is an original idea of Cambridge BrickHouse, Inc.