Participants must be at least 18 years old. In the case the participant is a minor, he or she should attach a letter of parental consent signed by a parent or legal guardian. Send the signed consent form to: CBH Books: 100 Plus TRUE STORIES, 60 Island Street, Lawrence, MA 01840.

Participation in the series is FREE. In the event that an individual or company asks you for payment to participate, please report it to us immediately. is the only official Web site authorized by CBH Books. Participants will NOT receive payment of any kind for participating and will NOT receive royalties from book sales.

Each entry will be at least 100 characters, and no more than 2,000 characters in length. Each entry should answer only one of the questions provided for a topic.

Entries may be submitted for more than one book, provided that they are at least 100 characters and no more than 2,000 characters in length.

To participate, click on a topic that interests you, choose the question you would like to answer, and fill out the contact information form. Each entry, complete with contact information, will be submitted electronically upon clicking the “Send” button on the form for the question you chose. Anonymous entries will not be included in the series. You may use a pseudonym, or pen name, but your contact information must be authentic.

Entries that best fit the profile of each book will be selected for publication in the series.

In order to make your entry as clear as possible to all readers, editors may correct spelling, grammar, and mechanics if necessary.

Participants whose stories are included in the series will be notified via email upon publication of the series.

The editors and administration of CBH Books reserve the right to place an entry in a book other than that which it was submitted for if deemed to better fit the content of another book. The participant will be notified if his or her entry is included in a book other than that for which the entry was originally submitted.

The identity of participants submitting material with a pseudonym is kept confidential. Participants who wish to submit material with their real name may do so as well.

In the event that the contact information of a participant changes, he or she should notify CBH Books in order to receive notification of publication using the updated contact information. In case of a change, send updated contact information to

The editors and administration of CBH Books reserve the right to reject entries considered to be inappropriate, offensive, less than 100 characters, exceed the maximum character count, or do not correspond to any of the topics in the series.

There will be no written correspondence or telephone contact with participants during the selection process. Official notification of publication will be sent to participants via email.

All participants (whether selected for publication or not) will be notified of the release of the series.

Participants accept the terms and conditions for participation in the 100 Plus TRUE STORIES series.


Ensuring the privacy of your personal information is of our utmost concern.

We NEVER share your information with third parties.

When filling out our online form(s), YOU specify what information you choose to include. Only your name (real or pseudonym) and email address are required fields. This is the information we will use to contact you when the book is published.

Any and all sensitive information you share with us is protected with sophisticated encription technology.

Our internal messenger service is safe and confidential.

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