The life and work of a teacher is something that deserves our respect. Teachers are people dedicated to making sure our children grow up to be educated, respectful, and responsible adults. However, more often than not, teachers are underpaid and do not always get the respect they deserve.

If you are a teacher, take this opportunity to share your experiences. This will give readers a better idea of what the life of a teacher involves, and will help people better understand the role that teachers play in our society.

Feel free to write your experiences the way you wish. You can use your own ideas, or use the questions below as a guide. In the event you use a question, you should only answer that question. You may also answer several questions in separate entries and allow us to choose the best one for the book. Whatever your preference, only a maximum of 2,000 characters will be published.

Click on the question you wish to answer:


Why do you like to teach?
When did you decide to become a teacher and why?
Which great teachers inspired you to become a teacher yourself?
What was your first year of teaching like?
What is the funniest story from your life as a teacher?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a teacher?
In what ways do you feel parents or others treat teachers unfairly?
What is your daily routine from the time you get up in the morning until you go to bed at night?
What is something that a teacher should never say to a student?
Do you believe you have had a positive impact on the life of a student? How?
Has a student ever made an impact on you in some way? How?
In your opinion, what are three basic rules of being a good teacher?
What do you think of the education that students receive today?
What do you think of the education system in your state or country?
What would you do to improve the education system in your state or country?
What subjects would you include and which would you exclude from educational programs? Why?
What advice would you give to a new teacher?
I want to tell my story my way.


Your story or anecdote will be published under a pseudonym or your real name followed by your age, city, state or province, and country in parentheses. Example: David Kelley (age 37, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA). It is your choice to use your name or not. However, for administrative purposes, you will need to give contact information. This information is kept confidential. This information will not be published or shared with anyone under any circumstance, unless you instruct us otherwise in writing. See Participation Requirements for more information.

100 Plus TRUE STORIES: My Life as a Teacher is a book that will be published under the Cambridge BrickHouse Books (CBH Books) label. This book will form part of the 100 Plus TRUE STORIES series. The objective of this series is to collect and share life experiences so that readers may identify with and/or learn from them.

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