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Do you believe in marriage?

Many people are proud of how long their marriages have lasted. Others are proud of how long they have been with their partners, even if not married. Some people simply do not believe that marriage adds anything to the emotional or spiritual aspects of their relationship, or helps a couple mature in any way. The number of marriages that end in divorce is alarming. Some theories suggest that love and marriage are incompatible. What is your opinion? What have your experiences told you?

Feel free to write your experiences the way you wish. You can use your own ideas, or use the questions below as a guide. In the event you use a question, you should only answer that question. You may also answer several questions in separate entries and allow us to choose the best one for the book. Whatever your preference, only a maximum of 2,000 characters will be published.

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Do you believe in marriage? Why or why not?
Is marriage the key to consolidating a relationship with your partner?
Has marriage been a guarantee to the longevity of your relationship?
Why did your marriage fail?
What do you feel is most important when making the decision to get married?
Why do you feel that your marriage is a “prison”?
What has helped your marriage last?
What do you feel about sex in a marriage? Is it important?
Why does your marriage give you freedom?
Who or what destroyed your marriage?
Who has helped your marriage last?
Why do you want your marriage to last?
Why do you stay married even if you are not in love with your husband/wife anymore?
Do you feel that it is a positive thing for your children to see a marriage without love?
How many times have you been married? Why did you remarry?
Why are you afraid of getting married?
Do you believe that love comes and goes in a marriage? What has been your experience?
What has been the most pleasant experience of your marriage?
What has been the least pleasant experience of your marriage?
What advantage or disadvantage do you see in being married?
What would you recommend someone who is considering getting married?
I want to tell my story my way.

Your story or anecdote will be published under a pseudonym or your real name followed by your age, city, state or province, and country in parentheses. Example: Ana Marsalle (age 67, Providence, Rhode Island, USA). It is your choice to use your name or not. However, for administrative purposes, you will need to give contact information. This information is kept confidential. This information will not be published or shared with anyone under any circumstance, unless you instruct us otherwise in writing. See Participation Requirements for more information.

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