Today, domestic violence affects many families. Some people have trouble controlling their emotions and react violently under certain circumstances. The vicious cycle continues, feelings are not communicated, and this pattern of violence passes from one generation to the next… the result only continues to hurt those who are abused and those who commit the abuse.

Have you ever been a victim of domestic violence? Your experiences can help stop this terrible cycle and make our homes healthier places to live.

Feel free to write your experiences the way you wish. You can use your own ideas, or use the questions below as a guide. In the event you use a question, you should only answer that question. You may also answer several questions in separate entries and allow us to choose the best one for the book. Whatever your preference, only a maximum of 2,000 characters will be published.

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Have you been a victim of domestic violence? What do you believe is the cause of the abuse?
Do you consider yourself to be a violent person? Why are you unable to control your impulses?
How has your violent behavior affected your life?
When did domestic violence start in your home?
What was your first violent encounter with another person like? How did it come about?
How did you manage to escape from domestic violence?
Why are you unable to leave your violent spouse or partner?
When did you decide to report an incident of domestic violence?
Why were you afraid to report an incident of domestic violence?
What do you think needs to be done in order to stop violence in general?
What consequences has your relationship with a violent person brought you?
How has an incident of domestic violence changed your life?
Did you receive any help from local, state, or federal organizations? Which ones?
Did you receive any help from friends and family? Explain.
What would you recommend to women, men, and children who are victims of domestic abuse?
I want to tell my story my way.

Your story or anecdote will be published under a pseudonym or your real name followed by your age, city, state or province, and country in parentheses. Example: Clara Martinez (age 23, New York, New York, USA). It is your choice to use your name or not. However, for administrative purposes, you will need to give contact information. This information is kept confidential. This information will not be published or shared with anyone under any circumstance, unless you instruct us otherwise in writing. See Participation Requirements for more information.

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